Wake O Wake with Tidings Thrilling

Wake, O wake! With tidings thrilling
The watchmen all the air are filling,
Arise, Jerusalem, arise!
Midnight strikes! No more delaying,
‘The hour has come!’ we hear them saying,
‘Where are ye all, ye virgins wise?

The Bridegroom comes in sight,
Raise high your torches bright! Alleluia!
The wedding song swells loud and strong:
Go forth and join the festal throng.

Zion hears the watchmen shouting,
Her heart leaps up with joy undoubting,
She stands and waits with eager eyes;
See her Friend from heav’n descending,
Adorned with truth and grace unending!
Her light burns clear, her star doth rise.

Now come, thou precious Crown,
Lord Jesus, God’s own Son! Hosanna!
Let us prepare to follow there,
Where in thy supper we may share.