Saint Francis

the saint for our time

Saint Francis

An Apostle of Charity For Our Era

On March 27, 1416 Francis  was born to Giancomo and Vienna Martolilla after their intercession to St. Francis of Assisi was anwsered. He grew up in a life of prayer and devotion to his faith. Francis found himself invested in the poor and  opressed and he himself led a very simple life making him known for “Charitas” or “Charity”. 

During his life Francis worked many miracles raising people from the dead, healing the sick, and mending ways. He was also served as a spiritual guide.

From Soldier to Saint

St. Francis became a true soldier for the Christian Faith. He founded the order of the Minims and built contless churchs, convents, and montasterys throughout Italy (specifically Calabria where he is the patron) and France. 

Some of the 


May 1, 1519

Devotion Thru the Centuries


After his death on April 2, 15XX Francis was quickly made a saint and thousands began honoring his life. Thought Italy 


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